The Glyconeer


THE GLYCONEER® - Introducing the first commercial, fully automated oligosaccharide synthesizer

One of the reasons for the slow development in the field of automated oligosaccharide synthesis is the lack of access to automated synthesizers capable of performing the necessary steps for the synthesis of carbohydrates. It is therefore our pleasure to offer the first commercial, fully automated oligosaccharide synthesizer – The Glyconeer®. This instrument, in combination with our line of commercial building blocks, will enable its users to quickly and reproducibly synthesize a vast array of carbohydrate structures. The Glyconeer® includes features such as:

Speed and Accuracy – delivery of solvents and reagents via Argon pressure
Versatility – compatible with a wide range of chemistries and various solvent/reagents combinations
Easy to use – software designed to maximize simplicity while maintaining functionality
Temperature control of reaction vessel from -40 to +80 °C
On-line UV detection to monitor coupling efficiency
Synthesis scale from 10-100 micromoles
64-position carousel for the delivery of monosaccharide building blocks from vials
Triple-jacketed glass reaction vessel
Separate Fraction and Waste collection
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